privacy and security

IT Division


Man Evotech performs security tests inside and outside the company identifying the potential vulnerabilities of your IT systems. Tests are performed according to the OSSTMM methodology, that minimizes the chance of error and false positives during tests. It is possible to define whether to perform invasive tests or not, always with the customer agreement to avoid outages in his own systems.

Sicurezza informatica osstmm

– certification OSSTMM 3.0 professional security tester



Security tests, known as Penetration tests too, are performed both in Network – Framework and application levels, i.e., analysing potential bugs of Software, Database and websites used by you.

It is possible to decide whether to perform tests letting us unaware of the framework, as if it was a Black Box, or providing us data and perform targeted tests on applications and servers, known as White Box.

Our experience lets us understand in some cases Software operations, now outdated, and, if necessary, do Reverse Engineering with the previous company authorisation, that must be owner and licensee of the Software. Every activity must be legal and authorised by the commitment.

Man Evotech security tests are based on the Ethical Hacking principle, i.e., we are absolutely against the abuse of any IT (information) system. It is very important, that your company does not run the risk to be misled by that false sense of security.


My system is vulnerable, what can I do?

We also provide a report about how to fall within the problems discovered, if any, in testing, where Partners will operate to avoid disruptive cyberattacks for your business, and after, it will be tested the stability of the solution, i.e the return.

La sicurezza è per sempre?

Security is not endless. To be factually in safe, as far as possible, we must test periodically your infrastructures according to some coefficients, called RAV (Risk Assessment Values). These coefficients measure how much you are, or you are going to be exposed over time.  

It is important to always look at risks and benefits. It won’t be possible to disconnect a server to obtain maximum safety, because this could cause other problems. You have to consider that there are always new cyberattacks and it is better to keep a good level of safety, that Man Evotech can provide constantly monitoring your IT structure.