System Integration

IT Division

IT Division

System Integration and corporate framework

Man Evotech is able to follow all the customer needs in IT:

  • Server (Microsoft or Linux systems): sizing, supply, setup, managing, monitoring, maintenance
  • PC and Workstation: supply, setup, and maintenance
  • Networking: setup and managing of all the corporate network devices
  • Firewall: outer (perimetral/ external) firewall assembling, setup and managing, 100% conform to the privacy policy GDPR 679/2016
  • Local and remote Back-up System: setup and maintenance
  • Printers: supply, setup, and maintenance (operating lease too)
  • Remote Assistance for all the mentioned services
Implementazioni sistemistiche manevotech

Operative Systems

Microsoft Systems

We use and provide the best Microsoft technologies doing suitable installations that are in line with the standards and that are performed by a certified staff. Man Evotech prides itself on having a strong experience in Windows and Exchange systems integration service, based on Active Directory.

Linux systems- open Source 

Man Evotech has a consolidated experience in integration of Server and Appliance based on Linux. With Linux System is possible to manage and create any kind of server without License cost. In Linux System is possible to integrate remote access systems and mange Firewalling politics and eventually design websites to be placed in your server, that use technologies nowadays among the most common, e.g, MYSql and Php.

Man Evotech minimizes the setup of the distribution in your server and with specific rules, protects and keep safe your system from the most common cyberattacks. Through the outer firewall it will be possible to access remotely to your systems thanks to OPENVPN and digital certificates expressly created for you.

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What is a perimeter Firewall?

Another common application is the creation od customed Firewall for your company. Cyberattacks are often on pre-packaged perimeter Firewall, where the flews are due to the implementations of non-customized distributions on the Firewall itself.

I have only Windows; can I use Linux?

Yes of course, it is not important the client that we provide, because the Linux Server will be the repository for your files and server. The Linux System can’t get any virus. Moreover, if we set up one or more perimetral firewall, the Network management will be completely clear. 

Can I forget maintenance System?

Servers must be checked and managed both in OS update and in possible Hardware breaks. Systematic checks and any backup ensure tranquillity and data recover. It is not possible to forget a Server and leave it there. If your company is in this conditions, we advise you to provide as soon as possible.