Area of ​​competence

Special Cars

A special car is a limited edition, highly customizable and tailor-made vehicle.

Turnkey project

We take care of all the project’s steps providing full support for production.

Realization and production

Thanks to our consolidated partners we are able to offer all the skills and structures necessary for the construction of the car.

Fast development times

We design special cars over a few months period thanks to a highly qualified and performing team.

A challenge against time

Designing a special car is a big challenge against time, but it’s also a great opportunity for professional grow up.

We take care of all the project’s steps providing full support for production, from a strong synergy with the style designer’s centre to the full support provided for production, from feasibility to BIW design.
Unlike for large-scale production’s vehicles, the engineering phase of a special car normally takes a few months, thanks to a qualified and highly performing team: ideas, technical solutions and speed of execution.
That’s not the end: thanks to its well-established partners, Man Evotech is able to offer all necessary skills and facilities to build the car.

History case

Totem GT series

Totem Automobili’s project was born from the idea of its founder, Riccardo Quaggio, to bring an icon of the past back to the contemporary era: the legendary Alfa Giulia GT 1750 second series from the 1970s.

Timeline main image

Renew an icon

Man Evotech is chosen as the engineering company for all the development of the vehicle: mechanics, body and trims. Thus began our adventure.

January 2021
Fattibilità ed ergonomia

Feasibility and ergonomics

Each self-respecting automotive project begins with a state-of-the-art study of feasibility and ergonomics. The interior and exterior volumes of the car have therefore been analyzed and reworked in order to be functional to the desired content and consistent with the most recent and severe homologations in terms of vehicle safety and ergonomics.

Progettazione meccanica

Mechanical design

The project goes to the engineering and mechanical design team. Main mechanical systems are studied and modelled in CAD, from most essential ones as chassis, transmission, suspension and steering, to those related to well-driving pleasure.

Progettazione monoscocca

Monocoque design

Meanwhile, the joining element between chassis and the body come to life: the monocoque. The sporting soul of Totem GT Series can only have one keyword: carbon. Lightweight, stiff and reliable, it’s the material chosen for the entire monocoque of this car. Together with it, many other fundamental elements of the interiors could now be designed, like the dashboard, the central tunnel, the roof and the trunk.

Progettazione body-in-white

BIW (body-in-white) design

The goal is to make the aesthetic style chosen for the car functional and producible. Once the style has been confirmed, it’s time to design and model all the external aesthetic components, from the front grille to the extractor, the front windshield, the rear window, the sides and the wheel arches.

Prodotto finale

Final product

Mechanics, body and monocoque are complete and produced. Other elements, such as seats, electronics, engine and instrument panel were produced by other partners or purchased after a careful research. Totem GT Series is now ready to be assembled, painted, finished and tested.

Prodotto finale

Official presentation

The car is ready, working and of painted with a beautiful Candy Red colour: the perfect conditions to be shown to public. What better opportunity than The Quail, the most glamour event of Monterey Car Week 2022 in California?